For the love of Travelling –  To Mom & Dad

“No matter how much I earn or how much I learn, I know I want to see the whole world before I die.” 

That’s an urge that has gotten into me since I can’t even remember. But, every time I talk about my love for travel, I can’t miss but mention my Parents. I hear ‘travelling’, and I can only remember several trips throughout the country with them. Like that’s my primary and most prolonged memory of it all.

From Jammu to Kanyakumari; from Gujarat to Sikkim, we had covered most of this beautiful country by the time I went to college. Every summer or winter vacation we would find ourselves exploring a new destination. I never discussed with them if travelling is their passion, or all they planned were just some vacations. But those regular yet delightful journeys have probably been my source of wanderlust, is what I can imagine.

Unknowingly so, through those casual yet exciting holidays something kept seeping in inside me. Barely did I realize, it had deep rooted itself. It’s like they had sown a seed within me. A seed of travelling. A passion for exploring.

And here I am, an eager ‘vacationer’, who has to get out into the world every few months; to feed the seed that’s been sown. To continue the journey. 

With every destination, I can imagine that seed maturing. Growing into a tree that gets bigger; with its branches spreading wider. As wide as I can travel and take it – only to see it covering the entire world, by the time I’m done!

And now that I find myself gazing at several things to be checked on my bucket list, I can’t stop but think of two, two very important ones– To travel everywhere (with them), and To write about it.

– On a journey that will go on until it has seen it all.

~ suchita@mylifediariez ~


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  1. A good read for me is something that puts a gentle smile on my face.Your write up did that. And brought back old memories.As a child I have traveled to a far away construction site where my father lived in a camp.Every summer me my mom and my doll would take an overnight bus to Aurangabad and he would b waiting for us in an old jeep or a truck (yes,a truck) .A stomach churning bumpy ride of 4-5hours would take us to the tent that would b my home for the summer.Thanks Sucheta for bringing it all back.Keep writing.

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    1. That’s sweet Shashank.. 🙂 It was like a prologue to my future travel blogs… And I’m glad it took you down the memory lane… Much extensive ones coming soon…!! Till then… Thanks for responding.. Appreciate the support… 🙂


  2. Good work.. Glad to see that you finally started writing….. A must read and and very engaging. Eagerly waiting for the next rounds of write – ups from your end. Please give it a thought to compile and write these into a Book…. Fresh And gripping I say….. All The Best and keep writing

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  3. When emotions flow in words that’s the a delight to read and you have that knack keep going discover more within as you travel and write.


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