Voyage de 2013 – Andaman & Nicobar Islands – Day 2

Day 2: Ferry in Bay of Bengal, Ross Island, Mini Cruise, (Change of Island) Neil Island, Bharatpur Beach After a much needed full night’s snooze on Day 1, next morning we were fresh as daisies, ready to soak in all the nature’s splendor and beauty that this picturesque cluster of islands had to offer. For next few... Continue Reading →


Voyage de 2013 – Andaman & Nicobar Islands – Day 1

Day 1: Port Blair, Cellular Jail (Kaala Pani), Light & Sound Show, Corbyn's Cove Beach On fine morning of 18th December 2013, we landed on a very short runway of Veer Savarkar Airport, Port Blair. Post our first little escapade enroute Andaman & Nicobar Islands (click to read about the thrilling adventure), the honeymoon had started! We... Continue Reading →

Take a Break(!) & Start Again

Hey Guys, How's it going? Apologies for a prolonged pause to this blog series. Last few days have been really busy. And my fear, of not being able to maintain this daily series; that led to the first blog in the series - sleepless, triggered brain, actually came true! But am I as bothered as I... Continue Reading →

Clean Spaces

Hey Guys, How's it going? Hope you had a good day today! Welcome back to our "Journey to Health & Wellness". Have you started on in yet? Well, I hope you did! (In case you missed, you can catch up on the last two days here - Day 1: Sleepless, Triggered Brain, Day 2: 'Early Riser' Incentive)... Continue Reading →

‘Early Riser’ Incentive

Hey Guys, Welcome back! Today is second day of the series, and some might say it's too soon to say anything but... too soon, too shmoon! I am actually feeling 'good' today! Is there really any appropriate time to attest the effects of recently adapted "healthy lifestyle"? Well, I think, it's a process, a journey! Which can only be... Continue Reading →

Sleepless, Triggered Brain

Hey Bud, Welcome to Day 1 of the series! How was it for you? It was quite a pleasant day for me. (If you are new to this series, check out the first blog, beginning this series - "You & Me on a Journey: To Health & Wellness". Looking forward for you to join in!) It... Continue Reading →

You & Me on a Journey: To Health & Wellness

Hey Bud, You know, It's been really long now that I am looking for some motivation. 'For what' you ask? Well, I'm looking for motivation to 'not give up'. I'm looking for motivation "to continue". Motivation to 'continue to' eat good, motivation to 'continue to' workout, motivation to 'continue to' feel well, basically motivation to 'continue to' lead a healthy... Continue Reading →

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