Clean Spaces: Day 3

Day 3 Hey Guys, How's it going? Hope you had a good day today! Welcome back to our "Journey to Health & Wellness". Have you started on in yet? Well, I hope you did! (In case you missed, you can catch up on the last two days here - Day 1: Sleepless, Triggered Brain, Day 2: 'Early... Continue Reading →


‘Early Riser’ Incentive: Day 2

Day 2 Hey Guys, Welcome back! Today is second day of the series, and some might say it's too soon to say anything but... too soon, too shmoon! I am actually feeling 'good' today! Is there really any appropriate time to attest the effects of recently adapted "healthy lifestyle"? Well, I think, it's a process, a journey! Which can... Continue Reading →

You & Me on a Journey: To Health & Wellness

Hey Bud, You know, It's been really long now that I am looking for some motivation. 'For what' you ask? Well, I'm looking for motivation to 'not give up'. I'm looking for motivation "to continue". Motivation to 'continue to' eat good, motivation to 'continue to' workout, motivation to 'continue to' feel well, basically motivation to 'continue to' lead a healthy... Continue Reading →

The “extra” ordinary life?

This part of “my diariess” revolves around my take on - conversations of an ambitious urban couple - ‘Sid and Tara’, who are evaluating everything ‘ordinary’ in their life to aim for something “extra” ordinary. Done with the dinner, with few hours in hand to sleep, Sid and Tara were busy having some “Me” time.... Continue Reading →

That first thought – Where it all began

When is a life story ever worth mentioning..?? If I wait until I do something worth writing, I might never start. So, I decide to write. They might not be paragon anecdotes, but little chapters that might one day create a life that's worth reading..!! ~ suchita@mylifediariess ~

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